Professional Repair and Restoration of your Vintage or Antique Wristwatch or Pocket Watch

At "The Timekeepers Shop", we are dedicated to the repair and restoration of vintage and antique wristwatches and pocket watches. We specialize in the repair of American pocket watches, but we take great pride in bringing any high-quality vintage mechanical (wind-up) watch back to life!

With each antique watch we repair, the goal of our watchmaker remains the same: To return your vintage watch to its best possible condition. We want your watch to look and work like new, and we fully guarantee our work.

Located in Wallingford, CT, we are centrally located in the state between Hartford and New Haven but I can be as close to you as your mailbox! My store location is ......

We are members in good standing of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC).


Watch Brands We Repair

If you find your watch on the list below there's a good chance it's a watch we can restore or repair. This is by no means an all-inclusive list... there are many smaller American and Swiss brands that do not appear on this list that we can also repair, but these are the brands we see most frequently.

We specialize in the repair and restoration of vintage wristwatches and pocket watches, but we will consider for restoration any mechanical (non-battery) wristwatch or pocket watch with a minimum of seven jewels.

American Repeating Watch Co.
American Waltham Watch Co.
Appleton Watch Co.
Appleton Tracy
Aurora Watch Co.
Ball Watch Co.
Boston Watch Co.
Cheshire Watch Co.
Columbus Watch Co.
Cornell Watch Co.
Dueber Watch Co.
E. Howard and Co.
Elgin National Watch Co.
Gruen Watch Co.
Hamilton Watch Co.
Hampden Watch Co.
Howard Watch Co.
Illinois Watch Co.
Independent Watch Co.
Ingersoll Watch Co.
Ingraham Watch Co.
Jaeger-Lecoultre (vintage)
Keystone (Howard)
Lecoultre (vintage)

Nashua Watch Co.
National Watch Co.
New England Watch Co.,
New York Standard Watch Co.
New York Watch Co.
Newark Watch Co.
Non-Magnetic Watch Co.
Omega (vintage)

Patek Phillipe
Rockford Watch Co.

Seth Thomas Watch Co.
South Bend Watch Co.

Tag Heuer
Trenton Watch Co.
U.S. Watch Co.
Waltham Watch Co.
Washington Watch Co.
Waterbury Columbus Watch Co.