Meet The Timekeeper

After several years of doing repair work for local collectors, dealers and antique shops, I started buying and selling Timepieces. Soon my hobby went from a part-time endeavor to a full-time occupation. Today we have grown to a retail showroom in the center of Wallingford, CT. My interest in the field of horology started in the late 1980's as a hobbyist and collector of antique clocks. I soon became very interested in vintage wristwatches, pocket watches and precision timepieces. As my interest grew, a friend introduced me to and I soon became a member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors) and have been an active member since early 1993.

In learning my trade, I apprenticed with Mr. John Ticino from Meriden, Ct for (3 years). Mr. Ticino was a Master Clock & Case Maker, and Clock Repairer. Mr. Ticino was in business for well over (40) years repairing clocks for the public. I then completed another apprenticeship with another well known watch repairmen who had also been in the repair business for almost (45) years.

We are always buying and can offer fair market value for your fine wristwatch, pocket watch, or antique clock. Our service is used by many collectors to sell and upgrade their collections. As a clock and watch specialists, I can offer my expertise and 33 years of experience to assist you in buying one timepiece or building a collection.

I have been servicing the public now for the past (33) years specializing in the repair, restoration, sales, and service of antiques clocks, vintage wristwatches, pocket watches and modern mechanical timepieces. All types of clocks serviced including mantle, wall, cuckoo, ships clocks, novelty, Grandfather, and Grandmother clocks. My customers include collectors, dealers, the general public, individuals who are seeking to have a treasured family heirloom restored, and those customers who own and appreciate finer mechanical timepieces. Watch repairs include total overhaul and cleaning of a mechanical timepiece to complete restoration work, to something as simple as removing links in bracelets, replacing watch bands, replacing watch crystals, and replacing batteries in quartz watches. All work is done on the premises with a workshop that is set up with the tools and equipment needed to meet the high standards of modern watch making. Equipment includes an Olympus 50x microscope, an electronic MTG 3000 Multifunction Watch Timing Machine, a Vibragraph B200 Watch Timing Machine, Ultrasonic cleaners, Jewelers Lathes, and a Timetrax 550 Clock Timing Machine. My business is Insured and I am a member of NAWCC Horological Association .

As the Timekeeper, I am responsible for all shop operations and can assist with any client needs including fine watch purchases, sales, service/repairs, and trades as well as appraisals and free estimates on anticipated repairs .

Career Highlights - Over (27) years experience in corporate Purchasing and Materials Management. Positions held include Senior Buyer, Purchasing Manager, Subcontract Administrator, Materials Manager, Consultant, and Director of Procurement.

I am also a retired High School Mathematics teacher with (10) years of experience in the State Vocational/Technical High School System and also teaching in an Urban/Inner City environment (Hartford, CT).

Academic Background

*B.S. - Business Administration -Central Ct. State University

*MBA in Business Administration at University of New Haven

*6th Year Certfication in Secondary Education Mathematics at the University of Bridgeport